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Janet Buelow, PhD, an Associate Professor of Health Services Administration, has personally fulfilled many of the roles described in this book. Beginning in 1974, she worked as a nursing assistant in several different nursing homes. She then worked as a nurse and as an administrator in nursing homes, rehabilitation hospital units, and public health departments. Since 1985, her research has focused on management practices and their impact on aging clients and nursing staff in long-term care facilities. Her research has been conducted in the long-term care settings of nursing homes, home care agencies, respite care centers, assisted-living facilities, and adult day care centers in highly urbanized, metropolitan areas and rural locations. The research has involved interviewing clients as well as frontline workers and nurses.

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Dr. Buelow's current studies now include comparisons of long-term care managers' perspectives internationally and the facilitation of interdisciplinary education, crossing both business and medical paradigms. Currently, Dr. Buelow is at Georgia Southern University in Savannah, GA. She is a Professor of Health Services Administration.

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